If you are a student trying to begin with open source or already have begun it, Google Summer of Code is one such program that can help you grow into a better contributor, communicator and of course, a better coder. This blog is the summary of what we learned and built in the Google Summer of Code, which will help you and future contributors learn from our experiences.

The joy of contributing doubles when you get to know that programs like Google Summer of Code not only help you learn but also earn while learning. Another added advantage while contributing…

Spring — it’s not just the departure of cold winters or the announcement of summers- it is that time of the year when flowers bloom in grace, the sun smiles warm and the fresh breeze of air yoked in honey brings emotions of joy, hope and life and sometimes — all these things — may come wrapped up in the mailbox with an email like this :)

LFX Acceptance Mail

While I was still taking some time to process, the email certainly read that I was selected in LFX Spring Mentorship Program to contribute to the CNCF — Kubernetes WG Policy: CIS Benchmarks…

What an amazing summer — filled with a lot of moments to cherish — whether those buggy nights or those silly beginner mistakes(that I still make :p) – is coming to an end but of course with the promise of a new beginning :-)

***CAUTION***: The EPICS branch, I will be using in this blog is not an upstream branch, be warned to use it only for experimental purpose.

In the previous blog where I tried to explain how to build a BSP for RTEMS5. This time I will go a step further and will tell you how to build the same for EPICS! But hey, you might be wondering what is EPICS?

What is EPICS?

EPICS offers a collection of software tools for the construction of distributed control systems for experimental physics projects.

EPICS (Pic Source: https://epics.mpg.de/index.php)

EPICS includes a runtime database, robust network protocols, an extensive collection of device…

It’s 2020 and it’s surely not that Corona alone has gone viral — Live Streams are not only viral now but also have gone mainstream 📹

And when we talk about Live Streams, it will be a dismal injustice if we don’t talk about one of the biggest free and open source software for video recording and live streaming— OBS Studio!

OBS Studio (Pic source: https://obsproject.com/)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and configure (minimal for now) it for a YouTube Stream. So, let’s begin!

Before we install OBS…

Yes, before installing OBS for YouTube, we need to ensure that our YouTube Live Streaming Feature is…

A step-by-step guide to configure your terminal mail client!

What, When and Why?

Well if you are a beginner like me and have been living in this illusion that we have to open the browser client to send and receive emails then this blog is to tell you that you are not alone!

Till the time I started my tryst with sending Linux Kernel Patches, even I didn’t know that a thing like text-based mail client existed, lol! 😆

In this step-by-step guide, I will tell you how you can enjoy all your mailing powers straight from the command-line!

But hey, you must be wondering why to use text-based mail clients et al?

This tutorial is a part of my learnings during my stint with GSoC 2020 at RTEMS which will also help you to begin your own ✨

It is a very beginner-friendly tutorial and will try to smoothen your journey to get started with Embedded Linux Development 😄

This being the first one will talk about setting up the development environment and getting RTEMS on the host (In our case Ubuntu Linux 20.04) along with it building a Board Support Package (BSP) for it.

Before we begin…

Shouldn’t we discuss a little bit about RTEMS? No?

(Pic Source: https://www.oarcorp.com/rtems)

Very briefly, The Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems…

mkdir RTEMS_GSoC_2020
cd RTEMS_GSoC_2020

Project Title: BSP Buildset for EPICS

git init Project Abstract

The development of the freely available, open-source, RTEMS, solved one of the biggest obstacles that beamline researchers used to face in buying commercial Real-Time operating systems that used EPICS base software.

However, with both EPICS and RTEMS gearing up for their latest stable releases, i.e, EPICS7 and RTEMS5 respectively, they should be made fully compatible to ensure continuous support in the newer versions.

This project aims to solve this problem and create a vertically integrated BSP Build Set which will be able to create a bootable…

I know you control and divide me,

For a while, I do while, all this, there’s just no exit or entry,

Initialise with me your love and set the condition true,

Baby your updates then don’t matter to me,

I will run like none other than forever for you ✨

I write to this end that it ultimately goes in vain,

Like the main call in that stack my heart lies bottom,

Executing your functions dear life, you know there is no gain,

Designing the program of life like you design a city like Gotham,

Its chaos everywhere, no Joker, no Batman, just a main call called the heart and its pain.

Mritunjay Sharma

SWE Intern’21@HackerRank | GSoC’21 @CNCF:Buildpacks | CNCF Spring Intern’21 for CNCF: Kubernetes| GSoC ’20@RTEMS | Learner | Poet.

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