mkdir RTEMS_GSoC_2020
cd RTEMS_GSoC_2020

Project Title: BSP Buildset for EPICS

git init Project Abstract

The development of the freely available, open-source, RTEMS, solved one of the biggest obstacles that beamline researchers used to face in buying commercial Real-Time operating systems that used EPICS base software.

However, with both EPICS and…

I know you control and divide me,

For a while, I do while, all this, there’s just no exit or entry,

Initialise with me your love and set the condition true,

Baby your updates then don’t matter to me,

I will run like none other than forever for you ✨

I write to this end that it ultimately goes in vain,

Like the main call in that stack my heart lies bottom,

Executing your functions dear life, you know there is no gain,

Designing the program of life like you design a city like Gotham,

Its chaos everywhere, no Joker, no Batman, just a main call called the heart and its pain.

Mritunjay Sharma

SWE Intern’21@HackerRank | GSoC’21 @CNCF:Buildpacks | CNCF Spring Intern’21 for CNCF: Kubernetes| GSoC ’20@RTEMS | Learner | Poet.

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