Open Source Summit Europe 2019- How it all happened?

The summers of 2019 were deciding the approaching winters and as luck would have it, I knew nothing about it! The vacations were on, and my first internship with Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation was about to end. With desires and goals reeling in my eyes, they were looking for something extraordinary and one fine day in June, these very eyes met a Linkedin Post and guess what, both decided to work in tandem to shape a new vision for them.

Start using Linkedin effectively-Who knows it has the opportunities to fructify your dreams?

Linux Foundation Events-The Form for the Forum!

The Linkedin Post of a connection attending the Open Source Summit Europe 2018 generated a spark within me to know more about the fuel that caused it. And behold your breath (No, not because that fuel caused pollution :-) ), my dear friends, the fuel was none other than — The Linux Foundation!

The Linux Foundation.

The events section of the website contained a plethora of events to decide from. It was there on that page where I saw the link to Register for ‘Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019’ to be held in Lyon, France between Oct 28th-30th.

A watershed moment was in the making and my hands were trembling to register myself for the summit. Being a beginner and with almost little to no experience in Open Source and Embedded Linux, I still filled the form for registration as well as the scholarship to attend it, with almost no hopes of bagging it.

Aug 7th, 1:42 A.M

Yeah, that was the date and that was the time when an email dropped in my inbox bringing smile and tears both at the same time.

The Email!

As the tears vaporised, and the smile eulogized, the future had something more in store for me.

Sep 4th, 9:43 P.M

Another email, another good news, another day to cherish for! I became a part of Microsoft’s Student Partners Program.

Entry to MSFT Student Partners Program 2019–20

However, how this event holds another importance has a story behind it. The Open Source Summit Europe 2019 was scheduled to be held in between 28–30th October which coincided with the auspicious festival of Diwali in India. Though not directly, but I sensed that my parents were not willing to allow me to attend the summit during the festival. Every passing day this belief of mine became all the more concrete. Until that day — Sep 24th, it was my birthday and it was only on this day when I disclosed them about Microsoft Student Partners Program and my inclusion in it. The very next thing that my father said — “France ke Visa ka kya hua, beta?” (“What about the Visa for France, son?”)

No words can describe the happiness that I felt at that moment. I was finally back on the track to OSS 2019!

Visa done, tickets booked and luggage tied- Lyon was not far now!

Bon Voyage!

Came Oct 27th and I was standing on the land of romance, on the capital of Gastronomy — Lyon!

Lyon Airport

Such were the vibes of that land, and such was the enthusiasm of my new friends, that the fatigue of 13hr journey vanished in seconds and even before checking in, we headed to explore a park near our hotel!

Vaibhav, Himadri, Harshita and me (From left to right)

The calmness, the serenity, the tranquillity of the park mesmerised each one of us. And one photo captured beautifully by my friend Vaibhav Gupta, etched into my heart and compelled me to write a short poem (find it on the caption of the pic below )

The leaves are leaving you, and you are falling this fall, with only the waterbed of tears consoling you, Remember, you are still the worthiest for the pic among them all!

Well, the latter half of the day was spent in registration and the evening had Diversity Networking in store for us!

Friends for life!
Some Networking!

The Summit!

The D-Day finally arrived and I was finally attending the OSS 2019 Europe in flesh and blood!

Each day at the summit comprised of Keynotes, Sponsors’ Showcase, Office Hours and Talks.

Keynotes that I loved!

  1. The first one was that of Linus Torvalds held on Oct 29th. An impromptu interview-style keynote that was subtle, informal and yet impactful to the core. The humility of this man is something that is beyond any explanation and can be seen in the photos below.
Linus Torvalds (Pic Credits:
A moment that will be embedded forever in my heart!

2. If one has to learn the art of giving a Keynote with very powerful presentation skills, the COO of Github — Erica Brescia is the name! As the session with Linus ended, it was the turn of Brescia. With her charming and elegant style of delivery, she beautifully discussed how Github has been working to bring Open Source Developers around the world together, thus bridging the boundaries arising due to political conflicts. Her message was straight and simple- “All open-source developers anywhere are welcome.”

Erica Brescia-COO, Github (Pic Credits:
See you soon in India, Erica!

Wait, there was one thing more that happened. I had the honour of having a personal meeting with Erica Brescia for around 15 minutes in which I discussed with her about my dream project. She was very much optimistic about the idea and asked me to design a road map to fight the challenges that it brings with it.

Technical and Sponsor Showcase

Following the keynotes and coffee-break, all of us used to head to the various stalls of the sponsors to know more about them and indulge in networking with the big-wigs of the tech industry

Was asked by Red Hat to join them in for a podcast.

It was also an excellent opportunity to get connected with the companies one always wanted to associate with.

A look at the Sponsor Showcase (Pic Credit:

Office Hours and Talks

It was like having an informal discussion about the various technical and career issues with a senior developer of your choosing. For us, it was an enriching experience to meet one of the senior-most Linux Kernel Maintainers-Greg Kroah Hartman!

Greg with his gang during Office Hours.

Besides Office Hours, there were also talks, which occupied most of the latter half of the day. One such talk that we enjoyed a lot was that by Shuah Khan, the third Linux Foundation Fellow (Only after Linus Torvalds and Greg Hartman). It was a beginner-friendly talk on how to enter the rare arena of Kernel Development.

Shuah Khan talks about Kernel Development and its significance in terms of open source.

And it was a wrap at The Boat Party

What better farewell you can get other than a boat party organised by The Linux Foundation on the night of Oct 30th! An event that proved to be much more than bidding farewell to all those beautiful people one met in the past 3 days!

The Farewell Party!

A beautiful night that promised to come back every year.

And for one final time at the OSS 2019 Europe-Friends!

Well, now that have you read this blog, shouldn’t we connect ?

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